Serial Number

Serial Number
JA 576372

lunes, junio 25

Grandmother's Singer Treadle Sewing Machine

Model: 15-30 7A Serial No: JA576372

This machine is in spotless condition and never was restored. In addition, the attachment set is new and all documentation (manuals, list of prices, purchase contract , etc) Sara, my Grandmother bought the machine in February 1, 1930 in the Singer Sewing Machine Company office from Tandil, Argentina.

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Karen dijo...

A lovely Singer with the "Tiffany" style decal set... Looks as though Grandmother did not sew a lot either! Every one of these I've ever seen has had most of the decals worn completely off - at least on the bed. A nice, nice, machine. Keep her away from moisture and too much sunlight and she will last in working condition for another hundred years!

la sombrilla viajera dijo...

So, you speak Spanish, don't you? It would be easier for me, but anyway, I can speak a little bit of English as well. We have a Singer sewing machine at home. It is date in 1874. My grandfather bought it in a street market, second hand. You know, we still use it to sew, and my mum says she will never, ever use a different machine, (not even an electric one). Of course, our singer is not in "spotless" condition. It is a pity, but most of its decorative motives has been erased and blurred. I can send you some photografs if you are interested, but I couldn't find any contact e-mail or so.

Great pics, and terrific the set of accesories!

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